Share market big fall Sensex falls 638 points Nifty slips below 17,000 mark Share market big fall Sensex falls 638 points Nifty slips below 17000 mark

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  • Sensex closed at 638.11 points, up 1.11 percent at 56,788.81 points.
  • The Nifty closed down 207 points, i.e. 1.21 percent, at 16,887.35 points.
  • During trading, the Sensex went down to 743.52 points

Share Market: Global markets are weak and foreign institutional investors continue to sell, domestic stock markets fell on Monday and the BSE Sensex fell by more than 638 points. পিস শের্র্র প্র্যান প্র্যান প্র্যান 638.11 অক্যা ইন্য 1.11 প্র্ক্ত্র 56,788.81 অক্র বান হায়া. During the trading, it went down to 743.52 points. The National Stock Exchange’s Nifty closed down 207 points, ie 1.21 percent, at 16,887.35 points.

आन कोट्या के शेरोन में रही अग्यार

Maruti Suzuki, Hindustan Unilever, IndusInd Bank, ITC, Bajaj Finance, State Bank of India and Kotak Mahindra Bank were the main losers in the Sensex shares. On the other hand, Dr. Reddy’s, NTPC, Bharati Airtel and Vipro benefited. असिया के अन्य बाजारों में हैंगकांग का हैंगसेंग में में जापन का निक्की बेधात में रहा. In Europe’s major markets, there was a decline in early trading. The stock market fell with an increase of more than three dollars per barrel in the price of oil amid warnings of a severe energy shortage in Europe. The American market fell on Friday. Meanwhile, international oil benchmark Brent Crude rose 3.90 percent to 88.46 dollars per barrel. According to stock market data, foreign institutional investors (FIIs) sold shares worth Rs 1,565.31 crore on Friday. FIIs have withdrawn 7,600 crore rupees from the Indian stock market in September.

Dollar against rupee 49 paise tootkar 81.89 per band

Amid heavy selling in domestic stock markets and rising crude oil prices, the rupee closed down 49 paise against the US dollar on Monday at 81.89 per dollar (permanent). According to the traders, the strong dollar index and foreign investors’ persistent withdrawal also affected the local currency. The rupee opened at 81.65 per dollar in the interbank foreign exchange market and fell to the lower level of 81.98 during trading. Finally, the rupee closed at 81.89 per dollar, down 49 paise from its previous closing price. The rupee closed at 81.40 per dollar in the previous trading session. At the same time, BSE का टिस शेरोन पर पर बाउना सेन्सेक्स 638.11 अक्त या 1.11 पर तुतकर पर 56,788.81 पर बंद हुए. 207 points in nifty decline. Meanwhile, the dollar index, which measures the strength of the dollar against the world’s six major currencies, rose 0.30 percent to reach 112.45. In addition, global oil standard Brent Crude rose 4.12 percent to reach 88.65 dollars per barrel.

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