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The threat of malware attacks on Android smartphone users is constantly increasing and ‘joker’ is included in the most dangerous malware. This malware has changed its identity to the Google Play Store and has become a victim of millions of users. हैसाम की बात यह है की जोकर के बाद harli malware bhi शुर्ली को शिकर बाने है आया है अवर यह में में माइनोन में जिया फाउनलोड है.

In the DC Comics universe, the villain of the Batman series is named ‘Joker’ and his girlfriend is called ‘Harley Quinn’. ایس بیدہ کرید کیرد ک نام پر نیہ کے کے کے کا نام راکہ کے According to a report by MakeUseOf, now a malware called Harley has entered the Android ecosystem and it can infect the device with apps installed from Google Play.

कम राज होने पर फेक्ने पादेंगे वरेटे स्थाप्तोमन! Google placed a condition in front of Android users

जोकर से आस तरह अलाग है हार्ली मालवेर
The difference between both malwares is that the Joker downloads massive code after installing an app that looks like the real thing in the malware device. At the same time, Harli Malware khud apne sath malysheus kod lekker ata hai aur ise remote control karne ki need nahin padti.

Harli Malware अशी शुक्टाता है दूणण
Harli Malware बिना अच्चारी को पाता चले पेड स्बैस्प्रियों कर दिता है बाद देविष्ट का शीस बाने के बाद भायर चोरी-चीपे कर डिता है बिल अश्य बर्ता है। This malware can sign-up using SMS or phone call verification and can also make phone calls.

वाट्सयप पर हार्ट की गंती हैन ये ये पुंच मेजेज, कही अप्के पास तो नहीं आई?

This is the way to keep yourself safe
According to Kaspersky, more than 190 Android apps contain Harley malware and these apps have been downloaded lakhs of times. How to avoid malware Download apps from Play Store and check reviews. अप शाक होने पर की एप को रोप को भी करें हैन है

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