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CNG-PNG-LPG Price: Natural gas की विशाय में रिक्ड तेजी के बाद बाद बाद 8 से 12 प्री को को गर्णा हो सकती है. While 6 rupees per unit increase in the price of cooking gas can be done. انلازیرون نه يه عنمو جتایا هی. Last week, the government increased the rate to be paid for gas produced from the gas sector from the current 6.1 dollars per million British thermal unit (per million British thermal units) to 8.57 dollars per unit.

At the same time, the price of gas extracted from the most difficult areas has increased from 9.92 dollars to 12.6 dollars per unit. आसी दर के आदार पर देश में पर देश में पर देश के पर देश के अक्षा डो-टिहाई की शेट है. Natural gas is a major raw material for making electricity. It is also converted into CNG and through pipes (PNG) it is used for cooking in the kitchen.

kya khete hain expert?
Kotak Institutional Equities said that the price of gas produced by the gas sector has increased in just one year. In September, 2021 its price reached 1.79 dollars per MMBTU in September 2021 to 8.57 dollars.

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Every dollar increase in MMBTU gas price, city gas distribution (CGD) companies have to increase the price of CNG by 4.7 to 4.9 rupees per kilo.

According to ICICI Securities, in order to completely remove the impact of the high cost of raw materials, it will be necessary to increase the prices of CNG and PNG by 6.2 rupees per standard cubic meter and 9 to 12.5 rupees per kilogram.

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Jeffries said that Indraprastha Gas Limited, the company that sells CNG and PNG in the national capital, will need to increase the price of CNG by eight rupees per kilo, while the retailer Mahanagar Gas Limited in Mumbai will have to increase the prices by nine rupees.
Kotak ne kahi ki gabri sana seh sajdana gaas nihilo mahali फूलूले पर फिर से फिर से फिर से विधार के अर फोर/सीलिंग मिल्यो पेश्य की गिब्य विष्टा है.


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