CDS Anil Chauhan ko milli Z Plus Security, IB ki report ke baad liya gaya fisaela

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CDS Anil Chauhan


  • CDS अनिल चुहान को मिली Z Plus Security
  • IB ki report ke baad liya gaya fisaela
  • देश के भोगी CDS हैन आनिल चुहान

देल्जी पुलीस ने ग्रह मान्त्रा के आदेश पर द्वाष्ट रक्षा प्रष्धान (CDS) General Anil Chauhan को Z Plus सुरकार मुहाया कराई है. An officer gave this information on Monday. He said that General Chouhan took charge as the second CDS of India on Friday. Before him is the task of making coordination between the three parts of the armed forces, so that the country’s forces can be prepared to deal with the security challenges of the future. A senior police officer said, “The Home Ministry’s Chief Defense Officer (CDS) General Anil Chouhan said, “Z Plus security has been done.”

देश के भोगी CDS हैन आनिल चुहान

Lt. Gen. Anil Chauhan (शेवानिव्थ्र) को बुद्वर्ध को देश का नाया प्रभाष्ट रक्षा पृष्ट (CDS) has been appointed. General Bipin Rawat की इक हिलिकोप्टर में मर्ट्य के बाद से यह पड फाइक था. The post has been vacant for a long time. 61-year-old Chinese expert Chauhan will also work as secretary in the military affairs department from the date of his assumption of office and until the next order. He was the Director General of the Army’s Military Operations (DGMO) during the 2019 Balakot airstrikes, when Indian fighter jets destroyed the Jaish-e-Mohammad terrorist training camp in Pakistan in response to the Pulwama terrorist attack.

CDS ki responsibiyan kya hoti hain?

CDS की अधिया अच्च अस्पुर्णियों में सेना, वाविया उवियुसेने के गुज्ञान है साथ ही देश की सिंट्री तक्टक को अध्बी देना है. According to the central government, CDS is responsible for advising the country’s defense minister. तिनोन सेनायों के मवेले अन्ञान देखें आते हैन. His Defense Acquisition Council (DAC) and Defense Planning Commission (DPC) will be located in the relevant Ministry of Defense groups. इस्थानारों की मानेन तो CDS के पाद के लिये अयु सीमा 65 साल होनी है अवर तिन्य साल का हो माथा है. अशी में Lt. Gen. Anil Chauhan का टेंगर भी तिन साल का हो मायो है. He is 61 years old. अब देश के नी CDS के तावर वह एन टिन आश्वारियों को शामलेंगे.

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