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The rollout of 5G services has begun in selected cities of India, but it is necessary to have a 5G compatible phone for this. 5G smartphones are available in almost every price segment. However, network settings are configured without next-generation wireless services. अब रालमी ने Jio 5G services support वाला new update rollout कर रही है.

91Mobiles In the report, it is reported that Realme smartphones have suddenly received a software update, with the help of which they will get Jio 5G support. Some screenshots of this update have come out, in which it is said that the new software version is going to include support for Jio’s 5G network by changing the network. Software Changelog में ‘5G Network Function Support for Jio’ is written.

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All 5G smartphones are available
Realme ki orse new software update for all 5G smartphones ke rollout kiya ja raha hai. ययनी’s किअग ियलमी ियलमी ियलमी फोन फोन कीकमषेतour सेसे Askmi से क की की, कीहै, की, कीहै सेवसेव Asksलs क क है की कीकs कसे, की कीकी, की उनकनीs, In addition to this change, the new update includes the September, 2022 security patch and many existing bugs have been fixed.

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Check this update for your device
If you have a Realme 5G smartphone and you want to download a new update, you will have to go to the settings of the phone. Here, after tapping on the software update option, the latest update version available for your device will be checked. If the update is available, the option to download and install it will be displayed on the screen.

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