LML has introduced three new generation two-wheelers in India, the company is trying to take the EV industry to new heights.

Photo: INDIA TV LML has introduced new modern two-wheelers in India


  • Star Electric Scooter को maxi style देने की देश्य
  • Moonshot Electric Motorcycle 70kmph up to speed
  • LML Orion Bicycle is available separately

LML Two Wheelers: If you need a two-wheeler bike or a scooter from the 80s LML کی گادیان زور YAAD HOGA. Your company is back to you to refresh your memory Indian Market में अंट्री ले चुकी है. The company has introduced three products. These are electric vehicles. Among these are an LML Star scooter, an LML Moonshot electric motorcycle and an LML Orion bicycle. LML has prepared a plan to launch these three next year. The company closed its business in India five years ago. अब बाफर से बाजार में अंट्री ले रही है.

Star Electric Scooter को maxi style देने की देश्य

LML Star Electric Scooter को Maxi Style Design देने का का कॉपनी ने काम किया है. It will also feature an apron mounted, LED DRL, LED headlamp and specially designed tail lamp. Besides this, the company has announced a digital instrument cluster with smartphone connectivity and tripper navigation in the scooter.

Moonshot Electric Motorcycle 70kmph up to speed

कहा जा रहा है की LML Moonshot Electric Motorcycle दर्क बिक है. It has LED headlamp, upright handlebar, thin turn indicators and single piece seat. Modes like throttle and pedal are provided in this to make your riding experience more enjoyable. This motorcycle can reach a speed of 70 kmph due to hyper mode.

LML Orion Bicycle is available separately

This company’s electric bicycle will be launched next year. It features inbuilt GPS, haptic feedback, GoPro mounts and an IP67 rated battery pack. Kaha ja raha hai ki the company can launch it first in the international market.

कैसा है LML का इतिहास

In 1972, LML (formerly Lohia Machinery Limited) was established. This is a leading Indian two-wheel manufacturing company, which is in the business of producing and selling scooters, motorcycles, mopeds, and accessories. The company’s headquarters is in Kanpur. The company exports its products to various countries in the world, including America, Africa, Latin America, and New Zealand. The company was active in the Indian market in the 80-90s.

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