Jio has announced that 5G network will be available in every corner of the country by 2023.

Photo: AP In 2023, there will be a 5G network in every corner of the country


  • India will compete with China and America in terms of network
  • Jio will invest 2 lakh crore rupees
  • 5G service has three times the benefit

Reliance Industries CEO and managing director Mukesh Ambani (Mukesh Ambani) ने शिवियार को अग्या की है की जियो देखर 2023 तक सुभा भार्टियों के लीजे 5G services. Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Narendra Modi) अवर आट मन्त्री अश्विनी वैश्नव की प्रसेशन में में Indian Mobile Congress (IMC) Addressing the sixth edition of 2022, Ambani said that Jio will ensure that every village enjoys 5G services by December 2023, as Jio is ready to release 5G.

2 lakh crore rupees investment

Reliance Jio will launch standalone 5G services on Diwali. Jio has made a commitment of Rs 2 lakh crore to build a 5G network. To begin with, Jio will launch 5G services in four metro cities- Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai. By December 2023, it will be expanded to other cities and towns to cover the entire country.

India will compete with China and America in terms of network

Ambani said, “The 5G services will connect everyone everywhere and everything with the highest quality and capacity. We are committed to making India a data-driven economy ahead of China and America.” Jio 5G will be the world’s most advanced 5G network. Unlike other operators, Jio’s 5G network will be the only one with zero dependence on the 4G network.

5G service with three times the benefit?

Standalone 5G service’s triple advantage of spectrum and carrier aggregation technology means that Jio 5G will be able to present a unique combination of coverage, capacity, quality and power. Standalone 5G के साथ Jio offers new and powerful services like low latency, large scale machine-to-machine communication, 5G voice, edge computing and network slicing and metaverse.

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