IND vs SA weather forecast Bad news for fans as rain is likely to interrupt in 2nd T20I at Barsapara Cricket Stadium Guwahati

Ahead of the second T20 match between India and South Africa on Sunday, the clouds over the sky have worried the organizers and the fans, because it has brought fresh memories of the last international cricket match which was canceled due to heavy rain at the same stadium. .

Kovid-19 epidemic के बाद यह पहला इत्राष्टी क्रिकेट है है, जारो सारी टिकेटें बिक चुकी है। The last international match at Barsapara Stadium on January 5, 2020 was a T20 match between India and Sri Lanka which had to be canceled due to continuous rain.

Before the match, the Indian head coach Rahul Dravid spoke to the media saying that seeing the audience again in the stadium is amazing. द्राविड ने कहा, ”जून के बाद से जब से सारी पाबंदिया हती हैन, जाब भिम हम भारत में फ्राटे हैन तो सार स्टायम खाचाचाच भारे होटे हैन. यह देशना शिबारा है.”

The regional weather department has forecast partial rain in Guwahati on Sunday, with some rain expected. The organizers, however, said that they have made preparations to reduce the damage caused by the rain.

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आसम क्रिकेट संग् ने अमेरिके से डो ‘भाथ ही हलके’ pitch cover मंगाई हैन. Sangh ke secretary Devajit Saikia ne kaha tha, ”ye two imported covers will ensure that water or moisture does not go to the pitch. ”

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