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Rules Change from Today 1st October: हार माष्ट की बुद्धार में काइनी नियम बदल जाटे हैन. इनका आपकी जिंडी अवर जेब पर आस्र कुट्य है. This month, October is the first day of the year. يه نایاوز سریک اوپیک کیب پر اسر دعلیں. These changes range from credit-debit card rules to changes in LPG prices and mutual fund changes. Let’s know in detail…

1. Rules related to debit and credit cards
The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has made a major change to combat the rise in cyber fraud cases across the country. Actually, RBI has introduced Card-on-File Tokenization (CoF Card Tokenisation) rules for those using credit cards and debit cards from October 1. According to RBI, after the implementation of this rule, cardholders will get more facilities and security.

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2. Change in the complete pension plan
Modi government’s most popular scheme Atal Pension Yojana (APY) has undergone a big change. Taxpayers will not be able to join this scheme from 1 October. है ही में सकरार की तराफ से जारी एक अचिटिक में आस्टिया दी गी गी है. In the latest revision, it has been said that from October 1, 2022, any such citizen who pays income tax or is a former taxpayer will not be eligible to participate in the Atal Pension Yojna (APY).

3. Changes in mutual fund regulations
There is a significant change in mutual fund investment. Nomination details will be required to be submitted to mutual fund investors on October 1. Nomination details are not given to investors. In this, nomination ki suvidda nahin lene ki baat batani hogi.

4. The gas cylinder is cheap
हर माह की इक तारिच को रासी गास सिलिंडर की विश्वार की में की में की जाती है. आशे में कुच्च तेल अवर नियाष्टी गास की ज़ाई में नमी के के कारे आस बार करेम्सिक गास सिलैंडर की जाई के में की गी है. Commercial gas cylinder is cheaper than 36 rupees.

5. Platform ticket price increased
In the festive season, the platform ticket price hike has been doubled in order to reduce the crowding of the trains and provide more convenience to the Southern Railways. आज से 10 रूपस में मिल्ने वाले प्रत्फरम टिक्ट के लिये 20 रूप चकाने होंगे.

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6. E-registration is required in NPS
PFRDA has recently changed the e-registration process for both government and private or corporate sector employees. The change will take effect on October 2022. According to the new NPS e-registration process, the nodal office will have the option to accept or reject the NPS account holder’s e-registration request. If the nodal office does not initiate any action against the request within 30 days of its allocation, then the e-namkankan request will be accepted in the central record keeping agencies (CRA) system.


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