IND vs AUS Rohit Sharma big statement after the 2nd t20 team India won

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  • Rohit made a big statement after the match
  • team India ki jeet pari kahi yeh baat
  • 1-1 से बाराब hui T20 series

IND vs AUS: Team India won the second T20 match against Australia by 6 wickets. 3 matches of this series are tied at 1-1. Let’s say that the Indian team, who lost by 4 wickets in the first T20, made a great comeback in this match. The hero of this match is captain Rohit Sharma. Rohit played a brilliant 43 not out in this match. After winning this match, captain Rohit Sharma made a big statement. He said भारत की जीत पर इक बादी बात कही.

Rohit made a big statement

Captain Rohit Sharma, who scored 43 runs in 20 balls in the rain-interrupted second T20 match against Australia to give India a 6-wicket win, said that no strategy can be made in these kinds of matches and the game is played according to the conditions. The player of the match was chosen by Rohit, who said, “Many last 8-9 months, this game has not changed much. हालात के अनुहोस् ही केलना होता है.”

हालात का है

Rohit nee kaha, ”जब हम बुवुली कर रहे थे तो हैन्म हालात का पुरा है। उस्के बाद उस पादने लागी. हम फान्ते हैन की कहाली आशा सेखी की इन हालात में केलना किन्त खाइड होता है. Bumrah को वापसिक करेट करें अच्च लाग अवर अक्षा ने उम्दा बुबुली की.” अक्षर के डो उवरोन ने सारा फर्क जुभा कर डिया. Rohit is the best batsman.”

Rohit ने शाम्ले राक्ष अक चूर

Jahan ek taraf sessantang team India ke wicket gir rahe thee yonder, Rohit ek side se longe shots laga rahe thee. Besides Rohit, Virat Kohli scored 11 runs and Dinesh Karthik scored 10 not out. Apart from this, 9 runs by Hardik Pandya and 10 runs by KL Rahul also played. Before that, Australia batted first and scored 90 runs on 5 wickets. For Australia, Matthew Wade scored a brilliant 43 runs in 20 balls. Wade nee ek ke baad ek tink 6kke die thae ek ke baad ek tik kekke die tha ek ke baad ek kek kekke die tha ek ke baad ek kek kekke ke ke ke keke gaye ke ke gaye hurshal patel ke keke gaye ke keke gaye gaye hurshal over mein ekke ke baad ek kke ekke ekke ek kke ke kke ke kke ke kke ke keke gaye ke keke gaye gaye ke keke gaye by Harshal Patel during his stormy innings.

equal to the series

The series of three matches is tied at 1-1. With this, India has won the most T20 matches in a year, equaling Pakistan. भारत की आस साल 20 जीत हो चिकी हैन. In the first match, Australia defeated India by 4 wickets. However, Rohit’s बारत के बारत के बारत के बारत कर डिया था. অব্র স্র্রি ক্রিকি ক্রিক্যা ক্র্বে ম্র্বার কাল্যাজা

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