The United Nations has urged international creditors to consider suspending debt payments to Pakistan. The United Nation urges international creditors to consider suspending loan repayments

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United Nations ने विष्टार लेंडारोन से पैकास्टिक के लिये को शुर्ग का सुर्गान पर बिचार का करें का करने के के के लिए. According to Sama TV’s report, the Financial Times has published a policy statement by the United Nations saying that the country can prioritize its response to debt repayment. The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) is expected to share a memorandum with Pakistan government this week. According to a report by Sama TV, the United Nations has said in its memorandum that Pakistan should suspend international debt payments and restructure its debt with creditors after the country’s financial crisis worsened after the recent floods. .

The UN raised concerns about the flood in Pakistan

During his visit to Pakistan at the beginning of this month, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said that Pakistan has faced an unprecedented flood and its damage is more than 30 billion. The government of Pakistan and Guterres both are responsible for climate change on steroids, which caused the disaster in the country.

Amir দানিন সান ন্র্যান rahat ke liye প্রিক্ষ্ট ke PM নে কিপ্য়্যা

In an interview with Bloomberg TV broadcast on Friday, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif also made an immediate appeal for debt relief from the rich countries because the devastating floods in the country displaced millions of people due to climate change. According to Geo News ki report, Sharif ne emir দানান ক্র্জ ক্র্জ ক্র্জে কায়িগ কাযাতা কে র্তা কিত্য কাত্য কাতে কাত্য ক্র্যা নায়া According to Sharif, Pakistan is in need of people, and it is warning that the country is facing an imminent danger of epidemics and other dangers. In an interview with Bloomberg TV, Sharif said that Pakistan recently signed an agreement with the IMF under very tough conditions, including a tax on petroleum and electricity.

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