Tata Group took a big decision, 6 companies of the group will be merged into Tata Steel

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Tata Group ने बार्डा फैसिला लिया है. The group approved the plan to merge six subsidiaries of Tata Steel, the country’s leading steel company. This information was given in a statement on Friday. The company’s board approved a proposal on Thursday. In a statement released by Tata Steel, the board of directors of Tata Steel considered and approved the proposed merger of six subsidiaries of Tata Steel.

आई चेश को विलाय का होगा विलाय

These subsidiary companies are ‘Tata Steel Long Products Limited’, ‘The Tinplate Company of India Limited’, ‘Tata Metals Limited’, ‘The Indian Steel and Wire Products Limited’ ‘Tata Steel Mining Limited’ and ‘S&T Mining Company Limited’ ‘ . Tata Steel has a 74.91 percent stake in ‘Tata Steel Long Products Limited’. In addition, it owns 74.96 percent in ‘The Tinplate Company of India Limited’, 60.03 percent in ‘Tata Metals Limited’ and 95.01 percent in ‘The Indian Steel and Wire Products Limited’, while ‘Tata Steel Mining Limited’ and ‘S& Tea Mining Company Ltd. The board approved the merger of Tata Steel’s subsidiary company ‘TRF Limited’ (34.11 percent stake) in Tata Steel Limited.

Air India के साथ AirAsia को मिलाने पर विचार

The Tata Group has started a project to evaluate options for merging AirAsia India with Air India and expansion. The sources said that the three airlines have established better operational coordination. Sources familiar with the entire incident said that a team was formed under the leadership of RS Sandhu, the company’s operational director. The Tata Group acquired Air India last year in October for Rs 18,000 crore. He said that this team will evaluate to increase the operational synergy between Air India Express and AirAsia India as well as Air India and expansion. A source said, “Air India’s CEO and managing director, Campbell Wilson, has formed this team.” This team will consider measures to establish better synergy between Air India Express and AirAsia India and Air India and expansion and to achieve the goal of the merger.”

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