Rohit Sharma Most Sixes in T20 International Martin Guptill Chris Gayle in List IND vs AUS 2022

The second match of the three-match T20 series between India and Australia will be played at the Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium in Nagpur. In this match, Indian captain Rohit Sharma has made history. अगर आज अज अज्ञारी की चिक्रेट के किलाफ एक खक्का लागे है है है तो वह करिकेट के के सेक्षर के जोटे के के सकर खेंजे जेंगे.

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Rohit Sharma has hit 172 sixes in 137 T20I matches so far, he is on the top with New Zealand opener Martin Guptill whose name is also recorded with so many sixes. If Rohit aaj ek bhi chakka lagahe haiin toh vah lange nam apne nam ke world record ka ka kahke kha kke sa sabe khkkke in T20 International. After Rohit and Guptil, the name of Chris Gayle comes in the list of batsmen who hit the most number of sixes in T20Is who hit 124 sixes in 79 matches. At the same time, the fourth number is Eoin Morgan (120) and the fifth number is Australia’s captain Aaron Finch (118).

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At the same time, the batsmen who have made the most runs in this format, Rohit Sharma has ruled the game. Rohit’s name has 3631 runs in T20Is and he is on the first place in the list of batsmen who have scored the most runs. His number comes from former Indian captain Virat Kohli who scored 3586 runs in 97 matches. At the same time, Martin Guptil is in third place with 3497 runs.

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बबतत भबनमतेलियेलियेलियेलियेलियेलियेलियेलियेलियेलियेलियेलियेलियेलियेलियेलियेलियेलियेलियेलियेलियेलियेलियेलियेलियेलियेलियेलियेलियेलियेलियेलियेलियेलियेलियेलियेलियेलियेलियेलियेलियेलियेलियेलियेलियेलियेलियेलियेलियेलियेलियेलियेलियेलियेलियेलियेलियेलियेलियेलियेलियत तोटीत तोतोत कक वक वम हैहै. Actually, in the first match of the series, Team India lost by 4 wickets. India is trailing 0-1 in the three-match series. अगर आज नागपुर में भी भारत हारता है तो वह श्रीसी गन्वा देगा.

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