Maharaja Hari Singh Jayanti celebrated in Jammu procession across the city

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Maharaja Hari Singh Jayanti celebrated in Jammu


  • Maharaja Hari Singh’s birthday procession in Jammu
  • Jammu and Kashmir ke rahe hain last Dogra ruler
  • Hari Singh’s Jayanti was celebrated with great fanfare in Jammu

Maharaja Hari Singh Jayanti: The birth anniversary of Maharaja Hari Singh, the last Dogra ruler of Jammu and Kashmir, was celebrated with great fanfare. अग्य लोगों ने सहर में जुलूस अक्षाई उपर्युजापाल के अधिविण्य के है बार जार्जा जारि शिंग की जाणीटी है हाल के है के है के लिए है के लिए के लिए के लिए है The great-grandson of Hari Singh did a pooja-archana in the morning on the morning of Ranbireshwar temple with which the celebration started. Vikraditya, the former member of Vidhan Parishad, said to the journalists, “ I want to congratulate the people of Jammu and Kashmir on the 127th birth anniversary of Maharaj Hari Singh ji. देना देना देना पर अन्ची जैंटी पर देश्वार की जेट है की जेट है

The Rajput community won the victory

The Yuva Rajput Sabha (YRS) also started the Jayanti celebrations from Thursday night which continued till Friday while people from all sections of the society gathered at Tawi Bridge and Maharaj Hari Singh Park to pay homage to the late Maharaj. रांग बिरंगी पागडी बांधे अवर अपने संगानाग का शंडा थामे Rajput community के लोगन ने बान तालाब में दो पहिया वहान, ट्रक्तर, कार, अॉर गोडो पर विज्य जूलूस निकला. उरी सिंह का महिमादन करेन वाले नारे लेके अवर तलावरेन लहाराइं. YRS leader Arjun Singh said, “The results of our continuous movement came out and the government announced a holiday on the occasion of Maharaj’s birth anniversary.” He said that the political parties that ruled the former state of Kashmir did not oppose giving a holiday on Hari Singh’s birth anniversary.

धोल की थाप पर नाचे रविंदर रायना
Let’s say that Hari Singh signed the letter of independence in India on 26 October 1947. Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) President Ravinder Raina and other leaders danced on the drum between the slogans of ‘Maharaj Hari Singh Amar Rahe’. इस दाउराना रायना ने कार्टान्यों से कहा, “यह लोगों की जीत है. justice done. “We congratulate the people of Jammu and Kashmir, especially the young Rajputs, for their fight.”

Jammu-Kashmir को पुर्न राज्य की मांग चेदी
अच्चार के अपने अपने अपनी शैच्ची के लिए के शिक्रात में जैश्चार के लेखें के जेशन्य के अच्छा कहा कहा की अब वक्ट आग्या है है के के के लिए में के के लिए Former Minister and MP Chaudhary Lal Singh also held a victory rally and said that it is time to fight to restore the statehood of Jammu and Kashmir. A group of displaced Kashmiri Pandits took out a rally in the main area and raised slogans in support of Maharaj. குத்து, ஸாம்ப்பு, உ஡ாமுர், ரியியி, ஡ா஡ா, கின்டுவா஡ா ஆுர் ஜாரியிர் ஜில்

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