Kerala News High Court condemns Bharat Jodo Yatra regarding hoardings and banners

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Kerala News: The Kerala High Court has condemned the Kerala High Court for putting up hoardings and banners during the Congress’ ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’. Adalat ne kaha hai ki polisi sabha government departments ne einen leker ankhe moond li hain. Justice Devan Ramachandran said in an order issued on Thursday evening that it is tragic that the orders of the court and the competent authorities were not respected at all by those people and institutions who are responsible for the future of this country. Vasudevan requested immediate hearing in this matter. He filed a report with photos, which stated that a special political party has put up a large number of boards, banners, flags and other materials in an illegal manner at the time of the rally in Kerala.

Adalat ने आसे मांगा जुबाय

The court said without taking the name of Congress or ‘Bharat Jodoro Yatra’ in its order, ”There are illegal materials (hoardings and banners) put up by a special political party from Trivandrum to Thrissur and beyond that on the national highway. Police authorities and other authorities are fully aware of this, but they decided to turn a blind eye to it.” অব্বে সামজ্র্যান কেস্যান ক্র্যাযে আয্র্য়া আন্তা অত্যান কেন নেন নেন গাযায়া.”

বাডা ক্র্ত্র্যা

The court said, “When the above defendants will answer, they will also specifically mention the instructions of this court that any advertisement agency/publisher who has placed their name or address without writing any board is illegal and necessary against them.” Action should be taken.” पर बारंड लागे हुई शिष्ट विशिष्टियों जारी की हैन. The court said, “This type of illegal content creates a big danger for motorists, because it will distract them while driving on the highway and in addition, some of these billboards will fall down, especially two-wheelers. The problem for the drivers can be created, as it has been seen before in other parts of the country.”

தெருக்கு கியு குருக்கு கு நாட்டை

Justice Ramachandran said that the disposal of these materials is also a problem, and the local government institutions and other competent authorities are responsible for the disposal of waste. adalat ne kaha, ”Yah adalat is baat se hairan hai ki the authority is aware of this kind of problems, especially when our government doesn’t take climate or weather. Actually Harish Vasudevan ne kaha hai ki jin places where illegal content has been placed, many of them are raining heavily and it is causing fatal accidents.

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