Jaishankar met the group working to improve the security council. Jaishankar meets working group on Security Council reforms

S. Jaishankar

विदेश मंत्री स. Jaishankar met the leaders of a group working to improve the security council on Friday, so that their issues could be strengthened again. The 42-member group of developing countries, known as L.69 after the original proposal on the reform of the Council, in the high-level General Assembly, ‘Reinvigorating multilateralism: a call for action to reform the comprehensive security council’ के विष्य पर मिले.

Jaishankar tweeted after the meeting

Jaishankar tweeted after the meeting and said, “Global South is in the direction of the target.” अधिक्षा गोलर्ध पर हावी विकासशील दाउन्य के देखर्ट का की किया.

He met the President of the Caribbean nation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Ralph Gonçalves, and started the day. भार्टिया मिन्त्री ने टिवेट कीय, “विश्विक विकास पर आस्विस्विक विकास पर आस्विस्थ ज्ञान के के के लिए के के लिए. Gonçalves gave them the book భ్ట్ క్ట్ క్య్డ్ క్డ్డి క్డ్డ్ క్ర్య్ కాద్యాన క్ట్ కిక్ క్టి కిట్ కిట్ట్ కిట్ట్టి.

humane अवर अपदा रहाट पर पर संचिज्ञा पर समुज्ञान

The highlight of Jaishankar’s morning was the partnership between American foreign minister Antony Blinken and Australian foreign minister Penny Wong and Japan’s Yoshimasa Hayashi. The ministers decided to meet each year on the occasion of the meeting of the Mahasabha and signed the agreement in a humane manner.

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