United Kingdom PM Liz Truss slams Russian President Vladimir Putin over Ukraine war

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UK PM Liz Truss


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Liz Truss CAN: Britain’s Prime Minister Liz Truss has accused Russia’s President Vladimir Putin of ‘causing aggressive threats’ to defend his failed military campaign against Ukraine. ترس كي سميوكت راشتر (سنرا) معن عنه برخة بودهان من يه تنزيل كي سمبائن هی کی کے کی کی کی کی کری راشتر کا رایہ رایک اسکه دیستون دینک هین هین هین. The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) will mention the war in Ukraine in its first speech and call it the battle of ‘our values ​​and the security of the whole world’.

वह भैर्टिन की वंगात हरानी जैरानी भीजिया की प्रभाष्ट की प्रभाष्ट है है अमें अमें आमें आमें एन शिजेज जिजें जिंगे लिये सिंगुक्त राष्टर धाद हौटा है. The trust office has released the contents of the Prime Minister’s speech first. Responding to Putin’s statement of arming ‘reserve troops’ and using every weapon (in the context of nuclear weapons) to defend Russia, Trump accused the Russian leader of ‘trying hard to justify his catastrophic failures’ குக்கு है त्रस ने कहा, ‘यह कम नहीन करेने वाला है. international alliance is strong. Ukraine is strong. Trus will address the United Nations on the same day that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky addressed the world body through a video link.

Biden accused Russia

Before that, the President of the United States, Joe Biden, said on Wednesday that Russia has violated the basic principles of the United Nations Charter in a shameful manner by fighting a “cruel and reckless” war with Ukraine. During his speech at the United Nations, Biden strongly condemned Russia’s attacks and said that the atrocities committed against the citizens of Ukraine by Russia are ‘spirit of the company’.

हम अध्या हैके हैकर जादे रहें- बिदेन

He said that Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has threatened Europe with nuclear weapons. बिदेन ने कहा, ‘हम रूस के हुमेल के विज्ञान अग्या हॉकर हैकर खादे रहें.’ By referring to the announcement of the partial deployment of three lakh reserve troops by Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday, Biden said,

अन चार्तर के मुल शिद्धोन का विवरण तथाना

Biden said in his speech, ‘A permanent member of the United Nations Security Council has attacked his neighbor, tried to put a sovereign nation on the map. Рус не шармнаак через се сейнующий раштра чатер ке мул страндностон ка оброзов чай ​​хай.’ Biden has called on all countries to speak out against Russia’s ‘cruel, unnecessary war’ and to strengthen Ukraine’s efforts to protect itself.

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