The Attorney General of New York accused Donald Trump of fraud in the family business


Donald Trump and his family have been accused of fraud
The Attorney General of New York sued
Donald Trump called it a ‘witch hunt’

New York. Donald Trump and his three children have been sued. In New York, his family company – the Trump Organization has been accused of fraud. According to a BBC report, Donald Trump has been accused of misrepresenting the value of real estate in order to get a loan and pay less tax. Prosecutors say that the Trump Organization committed several frauds between 2011 and 2021. However, Trump has agreed to a ‘witch hunt’ in this case.

Two Trump Organization executives, Alan Weiselberg and Jeffrey McConey, were named as defendants along with the former president and his eldest children, Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric Trump.

The Attorney General of New York filed a case

The case was brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James, who is the state’s most senior lawyer after three years of civil investigation. James said in a statement that with the help of his children and senior officials in the Trump Organization, Donald Trump wrongly increased his wealth worth billions of dollars to enrich himself and cheat the system. They say Donald Trump owns an apartment in Trump Tower, worth $327m (£288m). इह उन अधिक्ष्ट्यों में जा से जिने जिन्यों को अग्य रुप से गलाट में जुर्ण की जाइन की जाया खाया खाया जाइण.

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here, Twitter पर Donald Trump Jr. In August, Donald Trump refused to answer the questions related to the civil investigation in an interview.

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