Delhi Police arrests gangster Kawar Randeep Singh alias SK Kharoud from UP Bareilly close associate of ISI-backed Khalistani terrorist

The special cell of the Delhi Police has arrested a gangster-turned-terrorist associate of Rinda from Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh. The accused Kawar Randeep Singh (Kawar Randeep Singh aka SK Kharoud) is wanted in the ‘A’ category of Punjab.

उच्चार को शुर्बे को एस बारे में देखा है है फ़ाई की पुन्बाज का रहेन वाला वाला कवर है है है है

The Special Cell recently solved the case of firing in broad daylight in Nalagarh court premises in Himachal Pradesh on August 29. In this case, the four attackers were arrested along with their handler-assistant, financier and arms supplier. In that operation, there was an arresting accused in the case. The police officials said that the arrest was made by the police to cover Randeep Singh.

Cover Randeep को 12 सेप्तन को किया गाया था अर्स

The police said that after initial technical clues, efforts were made to locate a suspect who was in contact with criminals and terrorists across the border. शुबाय का पाता बरेली के खाई खेरा गाउन का था. The police said that Randeep Singh, a close associate of Harvinder Singh’s criminal-terrorist gang, was arrested on September 12. Cover Randeep Singh was previously involved in eight criminal cases.

पुलिस ने कहा की आस्के पास से एक चीनी PX-9 वाष्ट वाचा पूर्णाटिक पैस्टमाटक पिस्टल, गोला-रूडूद, चेल फोन अवर के के सिम कर्ड वर्द की है।

While in jail, he came in contact with Harvinder Singh and joined him. The police said that along with Harvinder Singh, Randeep Singh was involved in five criminal cases, one of them was the attack of Manpreet Singh, the then president of the Indian Students Organization (अकाली) in Chandigarh University in 2016.

Many serious crimes are involved

He said that cover Randeep Singh, a close associate of Harvinder Singh, gangster Dilpreet Singh Dahan, was also associated with him. Patiala resident an elected sarpanch and jailed gangster Virendra alias Bindar Gurjar’s associate Tara Dutt after killing Randeep Singh took shelter in Bareilly.

The officials said that once again, he joined Harvinder Singh in Bareilly and worked for the liberation of the Sikh community.

The police said that besides Harwinder Singh, he was also associated with Virender Pratap alias Kala Ranja – deported from Thailand in 2022 – and Lawrence Bishnoi syndicate’s Satendrajit Singh alias Goldi Barad. Ranja, भारत निर्वसित होने से भुर्ण, कवर रानदीप सिंग को थिकाने अध्या करा रहा था. पुलिस ने विश्वार की अरविदर सिंग की उर से बराड कवर रानदिप सिंग की सेफ कस्ट्डी अवर के में भायम की खेप रहा रहा था.

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