After the US Federal Reserve’s decision to increase the interest rate, the stock market fell for the second consecutive day, the Sensex fell by 337 points.

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  • Foreign investors sold 461.04 crore rupees worth of shares on Wednesday
  • Brent crude rose 0.55 percent to 90.32 dollars per barrel
  • The American-dollar index rose above 111

US Fed: The BSE Sensex closed 337 points higher than 337 points. The market came down between the increase in the policy rate of the American Federal Reserve and the weak position on the global level. Based on three shares, the Sensex closed at 59,119.72 points with a decline of 337.06 points, ie 0.57 percent. During the trading, at one time it went down to 624 points. The Nifty of the National Stock Exchange closed at 17,629.80 points down 88.55 points or 0.50 percent. Powergrid, HDFC Bank, HDFC Ltd., Axis Bank, Bajaj Finserv, ICICI Bank and Ultratech Cement are major losers in Sensex shares.

ব্র্য়্যা কার্যান পান্যান্যান মেন্যান

On the other hand, Titan, Hindustan Unilever, Asian Paints, Maruti and ITC are in profit. Asia’s other markets, South Korea’s Kospi, Japan’s Nikkei, China’s Shanghai Composite, and Hong Kong’s Hangseng are in losses. In early trading in European stock markets, there was a downward trend. The American market fell on Wednesday. Vinod Nair, head of research at Geogeet Financial Services, said, “Unlike expectations, the Federal Reserve has been more aggressive and has signaled that it will increase its policy rate to 4.4 percent by the end of the year.” This signal is that monetary policy will lead to a 1.25 percent increase in interest rates in the next two meetings. With this, the American-dollar index went up to 111. পার্র্ল ক্র্ল্র ক্র্রা প্র্র 80 সে ক্র্ত্র গায়ে গাযায়া.

अगे भी अग्यार की अश्वर्ण

He said, ”India’s stock market managed to maintain its strength with limited decline. लेकिन अगअग अग गि गिमें जजीी जअलही, बनिवेशकोंर विदेशी निवेशकोंअलपकललपकललललललहीहीहीकमकमकमकमकमकमकमकमकमकमकमकमहीकमकमकमकमकमकमकमकमकमकमकमपकपकपकहीकमपकपकपककमकमपकपकपककमकमकमकमकमकमकमकमकमकमकमकमकमकमकमकमकमकमकमकमकमकमकमकमकमकमकमकमकमकमकमकमकमकमकमकमकमकमकमकमकमकमकमकमकमकमकमकमकमकमकमकमषकषकषकषकषकषकषकषकषकषकرction लियेअललललललही आस्का आसर पर बाजर पागाद.” According to BSE data, foreign institutional investors sold shares worth 461.04 crore rupees on Wednesday.

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