National Chai Day 2022: Drink these 5 healthy herbal teas, keep your mind healthy and lose weight

Green Tea का देखें- हर्बरल ती में सुबे जाई लोग ग्रीन ते का सेवन करेटे हैन. The element present in green tea is less weighty. यह शारी के साथ मेंगा को भी है। अधिका दुर कार्टी है. The mood is refreshing. इद्य अपका गास, अपच की प्रोल्बा रहती है, टो आप जेन टी पीना हैन. There are some such compounds present in it, which reduce the risk of cancer like cancer. Because polyphenols called catechins are present in it, it reduces the risk of inflammation, chronic diseases such as some cancers, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

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