Muslim women are burning hijab in Iran, Muslim women are burning hijab in Iran

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Iran Hijab Controversy


  • हिजाब मार्वान वालोन पर नकेल कसने के लिये द्वारा पर गश्त भगदाई
  • Amini ke sir pari दंदोन से प्रहार किया
  • सिर को वाहेन पर प्तक दिया

Iran Hijab Controversy: ایران مین هیزاب کانو کو کونو کی کونو کے کے کے کے کے کے کے کے کے ہے This information is given in media reports. According to a media report, women in all the state lit up their hijab. Demonstrators said that among the three demonstrators killed by security forces in Urmia, Piranshahr and Kermanshah, a woman is also involved. The report says that the authorities have accused the protesters of killing two civilians in Karmanshah and a police assistant in Shiraz.

पुलिस ने कुनु के के लेखे थे अलुब

Mahsa Amini ki mout ke baad hijab kanunoon aur morals poliis ke khilafa protest ke baad se kam se kam saat logang ke mare jane ki khabar hai. A 22-year-old Kurdish woman died in the hospital on Friday after being in a coma for three days. वाह में तेहरान में अपने भाय के साथ थी, जब उसे पुलिस ने अर्ण किया था. The police accused him of breaking the law, which required women to cover their hair with a hijab or headscarf and cover their hands and feet with loose clothing.

পিল্শি ন্তি ন্তা স্দ্দা সারা ত্র
According to the media report, it was reported that the police hit the driver’s head with batons, causing him to fall into a coma. पुलिस ने नकार किया है की आस्के साथ मैबेवले किया गाया था. However, her family was not fit and healthy. महसा अमिनी की धुक्ष मुट अवर आटाना अवर मैबेवाले के अभुद्यों की तक्तक, निज़िज़ अवर अधिक अधिक अक्ष्टान सक्षा प्रदर्धिक की खाइट के जाई

पुलिस हिजाब को लेक्र अधिकी गद्धाई फी टी
He said that many of the violent behavior of women in the United States have been verified, the video has been received because the moral police have been patrolling the roads. According to state media, “An aide of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei met with Amini’s family on Monday and told them that all institutions will take action to protect the rights that have been violated.”

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