KTR’s mother wanted him to become a doctor, reveals Minister

What happens when a top politician visits a newspaper office? No doubt, an animated QnA session with reporters ensues, but all of it is punctuated with laughter and banter. That is what happened when Minister KT Rama Rao visited The Hindu office on Tuesday.

On being asked if he ever wished to become a journalist, he was quick to say ‘no’ and clarified that he was not very clear about his career plans while in school. “In those days, the choice was between MPC or BPC. I just wanted to avoid math, so I took BPC in Intermediate. My mother, who was very keen that I become a doctor, was happy. But my father wanted me to opt for Civil Services,” shared Mr. Rama Rao, who graduated from Nizam College, and then went on to do his MSc. in Biotech from the University of Pune, MBA in marketing and e-commerce from the City University of New York and continued his career in the US.

Eventually, he took the plunge into politics and ended up “displeasing my mother and father equally”, he chuckled.

KTR shared that, unlike him, his son enjoys math while his daughter, who is more into Arts, wonders if she can do away with physics from the school syllabus. “She’s going to be an artist, I’m sure. She chides me when I try to be cool,” he shared amid laughter. “K-Dramas are too sugary sweet for my liking,” he revealed when asked how much he caught up on OTT content while nursing his injured foot recently.

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