At the UNGA, Biden strongly criticized Putin, saying that Russia has violated the basic spirit of the World Organization’s Charter.


The American President, Joe Biden, has attacked Russia.
American President Joe Biden has made a statement about the threat of a nuclear attack by Russia.
American President Joe Biden defended Ukraine in UNGA.

New York. American President Joe Biden addressed the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) conference in Budhawar. इस डाउनलोड जो बिडन ने रूस के किलाफ कार्च रुक्षा किया. जो बिदन ने कहा की रूस ने एक्रूल अवर अच्चना युद्ध चेड़कर विष्व सोगाना के कार्टर की मुल भुवा का निर्लज्ञा का निर्लज्ञा की विव्या की है. Biden said, “Russian forces attacked Ukraine’s schools, railway stations and hospitals.” During his speech at the United Nations, Biden strongly condemned Russia’s attack, saying that “the spirit of the company” of the atrocities committed by Russia against the citizens of Ukraine.

He said that Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, has attacked Europe with nuclear weapons. Biden said, “We will stand united against Russia’s attack.” अविशा अलावा हैने कहा,” एक अटोमी युद्ध नहीं जेता जा माउटो है, अॉर कबही नहीं लडा जाना जाना है.” Русс онлайн ке музыка ке любите гар распонтибана этому будут де раха хаи хай.” However, “the United States is ready to advance significant arms control measures.”

President Joe Biden said that war is about ending the rights of the existence of Ukraine as a state. अप की तारह ​​सिंगुक्ट रूजेया है है है की यह युद्ध पर पर अधिकुत है। کاستور پر جین کیں پر هم سابیہ نی سیمین کییہ هین. वह यह है की अप की देश के क्षेटर पर बल्विक्षा भावर नहीं करें हैन है. In this way, only one country is Russia. American President Joe Biden announced a $2.9 billion aid package for the sake of global food security to address the shortage caused by the Russian attack on Ukraine and the effects of climate change. (from input language)

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