‘The country that will break the country will not tolerate any activity’, Biden has supported Taiwan. China slams US after President Joe Biden’s statement on Taiwan.

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  • Biden не Чино-таиван пар дия та бяян
  • هملا هوا تو تیاوین کی رکشا کا وادا
  • वन चिना पैलिको को मानता है América

China Taiwan US: China on Monday said clearly to the US that it will not tolerate any activity aimed at dividing the country and will take all necessary measures to protect its sovereignty. China said that it will make efforts for the peaceful integration of Taiwan. This comment from China is seen as a response to the statement made by the American president Joe Biden about Taiwan. Biden nee kaha hai ki if China self-governs Taiwan pir attack, then the American army will protect it. China claims its self-ruled island.

During an interview on the ’60 Minutes’ program broadcast on the news channel ‘CBS News’, Biden was asked on Sunday that ‘if China attacks Taiwan, will the American security forces, American men and women protect it.’ इसी जावा में बिदन ने ‘हां’ कहा था. ‘CBS News’ reported that after the interview, the White House said that there was no change in American policy. According to this policy, the United States believes that the issue of Taiwan should be resolved peacefully, but the policy does not tell whether American security forces can be sent in the event of a Chinese attack.

Biden first made a statement

This is the second time since May 2018, when Biden answered the question of America’s military intervention in order to protect the independence of Taiwan. At the time of the Japan tour in May, Biden said that America will unite with Japan and other countries and not allow China to forcibly occupy Taiwan. In a press conference in Tokyo, when asked if America is ready to join the military in defense of Taiwan, Biden answered ‘yes’ to this question.

China’s foreign ministry spokesman Mao Ning responded to Biden’s interview with CBS News on Monday, saying that the American leader’s comments violated the “one China” policy and the three joint government circulars related to Taiwan. है Mao Ning said that Biden’s comment seriously violated the American commitment to not support Taiwan’s independence and gave a false signal to the forces that want Taiwan’s independence. चीन प्रकाष्ट ने काहा, ‘चीन आस्का निडा कर्ता है आवर आसका का उच्टार कर्ता है अवर आस्वाद्ध में हैन्म में अब्यावेदन शूर्ट के है.’

China is one, Taiwan is the same

Mao ne kaha, ‘China is only one and Taiwan is a part of it and the government of the Chinese Republic (PRC) is the only government representing the whole of China.’ अधिना कहा की मत्रुभुमी के पुर्न अक्षिकारन को प्रभाष्ट करना साथ चीनी लोगक की शाजा अक्षा अच्चा अवर पवित दुज़ी है. Mao nee kaha, ‘Hum izzat shonnosti aur sampaan sahat santipoorna ki sambhana ke pryas ke liye pryas. Meanwhile, we will not tolerate any activity for the purpose of dividing China, and we will reserve all options for taking necessary measures.’

He said, ‘We urge America to fully understand the extremely important and highly sensitive nature of the Taiwan issue and to adhere to the ‘one China’ principle and the three joint government circulars, not to support the independence of Taiwan. ‘ इदेन का यह बेयान आये समाय में आया है है, जाब की राष्ट्ष्टी की जी जिन्पिंग की सकरें के है। Many political figures, including the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the United States, Nancy Pelosi, have traveled to Taiwan, due to which the tension has increased.

Meanwhile, Taiwan’s foreign ministry thanked Biden on Monday for ‘confirming the firm promise of the security of Taiwan’. At the beginning of this month, the United States agreed to sell 1.1 billion American dollars worth of weapons to Taiwan to increase its defense capabilities. इसको लेकर चिन ने कापी नाजारगी जताई थी. Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan also caused tension between the two countries.

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