Yuvraj Singh becomes mentor of US Franchise New York Strickers Abu Dhabi T10 League

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Yuvraj Singh


  • Yuvraj Singh ne aaj hi ke din 2007 mein jade te chhe chkke
  • Yuvraj Singh will be seen in a new role in the T10 league
  • T10 League 2022 will start from November 23

Yuvraj Singh: Yuvraj Singh is a great player. में माइडान में जाब युवराज सिंग का बला चाल्टा था, तब पसीने के टीम के चुट जाते थे थे. Yuvraj Singh nee aaj hi ke din saal 2007 men 6 chkke jade thaye. He played in the 2007 World T20 World Cup against England in the match where he scored six goals. He has also shared a video on social media with his son, refreshing his old memories. आष्ण लिये यह दिन बहैद खास है आया ही अच्च हिन्द अधि बी डिया है

Yuvraj Singh created a mentor

The Sky Strikers of the USA announced on Monday that they have acquired a franchise in the Abu Dhabi T10 League, which will be called the New York Strikers. Left-hander Yuvraj Singh has been included in the board as a team mentor. He was a part of the Abu Dhabi T10 League in 2019. The franchise has signed Kieron Pollard as its icon player and has also signed England’s 2019 ODI World Cup winning captain Eoin Morgan as its platinum player. پاکیست کی ازم خان اور یرینک کا پول ستیلرنگ هین دو کرگی ا ک کلیده هین, جینکس ساح فرشانیزی نی کار کی هین.

By including the New York Strikers in the tournament, it has become an 8-team competition, including two teams from America. The Strikers franchise has had a successful tenure as a cricket franchise in America and they hope to expand their franchise in other parts of the world along with famous leagues like the Abu Dhabi T10. Excited to be a part of the Abu Dhabi T10, Strikers franchise owner Sagar Khanna said, “This is a very exciting time for our franchise because the Abu Dhabi T10 is a unique tournament that brings together special players from around the world. “

Pollard aur Morgan ki jodi se dére opposition

Speaking on the agreement, Sagar said, “Kieron Pollard and Eoin Morgan are among the biggest names in white-ball cricket. के लिये बैधाड अच्चार होंगे. Pollard अवर मोगर्गन ने अगुज़ी टीम के मन में दर कर डिया अवर हमेन वह विचार पुस्त आया है.”

Abu Dhabi T10 will start on November 23 and will be a two-week tournament in which international cricket stars will compete in a short and exciting 10-over format. New York Strikers is the second team of United States of America who will take part in Abu Dhabi T10 and will help to highlight the rising quality of cricket in America.

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