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The tech company OnePlus has announced that it will enter the budget smartwatch segment soon. Users will have the opportunity to buy the OnePlus Nord Watch for less than 5,000 rupees. The company has told that it will be the first smartwatch in the Nord category and there are also hints related to its specifications. The company has shared a ‘Coming Soon’ poster on social media platforms.

OnePlus has brought affordable mid-range devices with its Nord branding and now the smartwatch is part of it. शेरी की गाइे में पूस्टर में वाथक का black strap अवर का अर्क ग्रेज कलर की के सिंग नाजर आ रही है. It also features a rotating crown similar to that of the OnePlus Watch. Poster se पता चला है की यह बैजेज बैजेट साथ चूकोर डिल के साथ आेगी.

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आत्त्य हो सकती है वनप्लस उर्ड वाष्ट की प्रचाई
It has been reported in reports that the price of the new OnePlus Nord smartwatch is around 5,000 rupees. It is expected that this smartwatch will be launched in black and white color options. Remember, last year the company launched the OnePlus Watch, which can be bought for 16,999 rupees in the Indian market.

दो टरह के विरियंट में आसकी है आस्टी वाच्च
لیکس کی مانین تو وپنپلس ورد واکک کے کے کے کے کے کے کے ہے کے کے ہے کے ہے کے کے ہے کے کے ہے 240×240 pixels and 390×390 pixels resolutions are available on the circular dial. In this way, 240×280 pixels and 368×448 pixels resolution are available on the square dial.

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It’s like the design of the new OnePlus Nord Watch
गोल डिल वाली वाच् में अलावा के अलावा के के लिए मिनट अवर हैं के लिये दाश लिये मिल सकती हैन वाथक का रगेड वर्जान डो रोजाटर करून के साथ आणायो है. At the same time, কোকোর ডিল ল্লান মাকান মান মান মান্য়া It is expected that the square dial will come with the OnePlus Nord Watch with a large display.


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