The European Union recommended a freeze of 7.5 billion euros given to this country.

Photo: INDIA TV EU не ис деше ко дие жане вале 7.5 Арб уро пар лагаи рок

European Union: हैंगरी (Hungary) The European Commission has frozen 7.5 billion euros of money given to Hungary. For this, a proposal has been passed on Sunday. European Union (EU) The executive branch of the European Commission said in a meeting that it is recommending such a step to ensure the protection of the EU’s budget and financial interests against violations of the rules and principles of law in Hungary. .

அக்குத்தை कोश के ताहत दी जानी थी राशी

The EU’s budget commissioner, Johannes Hahn, informed of this decision, saying that the European Commission recommends the suspension of the funds allocated to Hungary. Its size is estimated to be 7.5 billion euros. This currency was used in Hungary under ‘Ekjutta Kosh’. This is a major part of the budget of the EU and it helps countries to adapt their economies and infrastructure to EU standards.

Before suspending the fund, it is necessary to obtain the approval of the EU member countries and for this, at least 55 percent of the 27 members must agree. The European Commission is mainly opposed to Hungary’s public procurement process in which EU funds are used.

Русс-укренный юддх се европей доханий ко кафи деньги

Русс-укрени юддр ке беч Рус не об европей дохан пар папна шикна касна шуру кар дия hai. Русс европей доханий ки гас супал мен как кар кар зукана хайт эге к эппін стакт. ایسی مین ابحی حالی مین روس دور کاس کھہ کو لکر کو وروپر وروب من افرا-تفری مچی هی هی. باتا دین کی وکرین کی باد کی کی روس اور وسترین دانک من تصناف کرم پر هی. The representative of the European country is worried that if the case is going on like this, the political crisis will be born in the country due to the shortage of gas. But Росс олта иска распользовать вечерный доханий ко хи центра раха хай.

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