Foreign investors stunned on the Indian stock market bought shares worth 12000 crore rupees in September – Business News India

Foreign portfolio investors (FPIs) have invested Rs 12,000 crore in Indian stock markets so far in September. His investment is based on speculation that the central bank of the world, especially the Federal Reserve of America, may take some soft measures to increase the interest rates.

According to the data of the depository, between 1 September and 16 September, foreign portfolio investors invested 12,084 crore rupees in Indian stock markets. অক্ক্যানি ক্রিক কে গ্ত্য রান রান ক্র্যান ক্র্যান কাল প্ল প্ল্র FPI সুধ্দা লিলল বান বান রান. Himanshu Srivastava, Associate Managing Director of Morning Star India, said, “Foreign investors are investing in the Indian stock market in the hope that the global central bank, especially the Federal Reserve, may take a softer approach to raising interest rates because inflation has started now.” हो गाई है.”

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According to these figures, FPIs invested 51,200 crore rupees in Indian markets in August and about 5,000 crore rupees in July. বাদ্র্যাযাযা শির্রাজার্র স্র্যান বার্যান্যান ক্যান্য ক্যান কায়া কায়া কায়্য ক্য়্য়্য়া. Before this, between October 2021 and June 2022, FPIs withdrew about 2.46 lakh crore rupees from Indian stock markets.
Kotak Securities Chief Executive Officer (Equity Research) Shrikant Chauhan said that the FPI will remain unstable in the future due to monetary tightening, rising inflation and geo-political concerns.

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