Lower Kharif sowing calls for deft management of foodgrain stock, prices: FinMin Report

Photo: FILE Kharif Crop

A report by the Ministry of Finance on Saturday said that there is a need for better management of agricultural stocks amid shortages in Kharif sowing. কার্ত্র ম্র্তি মাত্যা প্র্তে প্র ক্র ক্র্যা ক্য়াত यानी दाउगाई का अधिगी के मोबाइल करना करना गुद्या. According to the monthly economic review released by the Ministry of Finance, भारत में मुद्राश्फिती का द्धान कम होता हुा धिक्ष रहा है.

Administrative measures carried out by the government along with the smooth monetary policy and the international market in which the prices have softened. In the report, it is said that despite the inflation, there is no room for complacency, because in the kharif season, there is a need for efficient management of the stock of agricultural commodities and market prices.

Food Secretary Sudhanshu Pandey said at the beginning of this month that India’s rice production could decrease by 1-1.2 crore tonnes during the kharif season this year due to the lack of paddy cultivation. The report further said that domestic prices also increased due to the increase in international prices. However, the increase in domestic prices was relatively modest due to the government’s timely interventions. According to the report, there is a possibility of inflation in India.

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