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अगर आप भी पर टिव्टीर पर काफी आक्टिव रहेत है। Twitter Edit Button rollout होने वाला है. According to the platformer’s Casey Newton, Twitter is preparing to roll out the edit tweet button on September 21. The social media platform first announced in September that it has started internal testing of this new feature. The platform also shared its plan to gradually release an edit tweet button for Twitter Blue customers in the coming weeks. Twitter Blue is a subscription service that gives its members access to premium features such as ad-free articles. This service is currently only available in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and America.

This feature is available for public testing
Newton ने लिक है है वेटेल का हुवाला देटे है अपने तवेट में कहा, ट्विट्रा 21 सेप्तन से पुबिक टेस्टिंग की देविट्टर से 21 सेप्तन से पुबाइल टेट करें कर है। Undaka dawa hai ki this feature is now available outside Twitter Blue. Newton suggests that the initial rollout will be for Twitter Blue customers in New Zealand. ek aur haliya report men bhi ihsa dava kia gaya hai. Before releasing it in America, Australia and Canada, Twitter will reportedly monitor user behavior with this feature.

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Casey Newton’s tweet

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आसे कम करेगे edit tweet feature
The edit tweet feature will allow users to edit the tweet within 30 minutes of the tweet being published. Kaha ja raha hai that during this period the user will be able to edit tweets only five times. However, Twitter reportedly did not give the final version of the edit limit and it changed in the future. In addition, users will be able to edit typos, upload media files and add tags. However, it is also said that this edit feature may encourage the spread of political misinformation or crypto scams. To prevent this from happening, Twitter had previously announced that edited tweets would be marked with an icon, a timestamp and a label. The user will also be able to see the entire edit history of any tweet including the original post.

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