Duleep Trophy: Prithvi Shaw’s brilliant century from the Western Zone led to the final, the ticket is over

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Prithvi Shaw


  • In the semi-finals of the Duleep Trophy, the Western Zone won the lead
  • प्रथ्विश शो ने जाडा शिबारा शाटक
  • Western Zone made 259 runs on Central Zone

Duleep Trophy: In the semi-finals of the Duleep Trophy, Western Zone took a strong hold on the match. On the second day of the match, it took a lead of 259 runs in the central zone. The team’s opening batsman Prithvi Shaw contributed greatly to the Western Zone’s position in this position. Shaw continued his excellent form with an excellent innings of 104 runs off 96 balls which included 11 fours and three sixes.

129 milli lead in the Western zone

At the beginning of the first day, the western region started the game ahead of 252 runs on nine wickets on the second day, but the team could only add five runs to it. Rahul Tripathi scored 67 runs. Aniket Chaudhary took the wicket of the fast bowler. With that, Western Zone’s first innings ended on 257 runs.

In response, Saint John scored 128 runs. Experienced Unadkat took three wickets for 24 runs while spinner Tanush Kotian also dismissed three players after that, including the wicket of Karn Sharma. Western Zone’s lead of 129 runs on the basis of the first innings. फिर शो ने शिबारा पैरी से आस कीबाट पर वेस्टरेस्ट जोन की अध्य गुपुत को टाय कर डिया.

Western zone is 259 runs strong

Paschim khshetra made 130 runs after losing three wickets at stumps in the second innings. After scoring a century against North East’s weak team in the quarter-finals, Prithvi Shaw blew the air of the attack in the middle region. After that, Shaw increased the speed of the run by putting a shot according to Marji. अविश्य वाशिया पशिष्म क्षेटर ने भाथ कम अच्चार पर टिन विक्टेट देजी जिस्वास्व जाइस्वाल अवर कपतन अजिंक्य रहाने का विक्टे का शिक्ट रहा है. বান্য দিন কাক্ল ক্লা কোন কোন তাক্যান ক্র্যান 259 র্ন ক্র্যে বাধ্ত বাধ্ট বাকাকি.

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