Delhi Waqf Board corruption case : Uproar after ACB raid at AAP MLA Amanatullah Khan house relatives attack ACP and his team

Delhi’s Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) on Friday arrested AAP MLA Amanatullah Khan in the capital in a case of alleged corruption related to the Delhi Waqf Board. ACB has interrogated Amanatullah Khan for several hours and arrested him on the basis of the seizure of lakhs of rupees in cash, illegal weapons and incriminating material during raids at several places including his house.

According to the information received, during the commotion outside Amanatullah Khan’s house after the raid, an ACP and his search team were attacked by some of his relatives and other knowledgeable persons.

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In this case, two FIRs have been registered by ACB Delhi in connection with the seizure of illegal weapons in the south-east district and one FIR is related to the assault of the police team by the relatives of Amanatullah Khan.

दो अलबे बायमें के साथ कुल 24 लाध रूप नक्ष्ड वर्दान

In the FIR, it is said that Amantullah Khan was arrested on the basis of incriminating material and evidence against him from interrogation and on the basis of the search on Friday. अगे की अध्य की जा रही है. According to the officials, two illegal weapons were recovered with a total of 24 lakh rupees in cash.

बतबत किदें, ‘आप’ आपविधटनटन औ, ‘विधबिजनेसटनystity से जुड़ेप ददव छपी सेप की गई. इस दाउरान अक जाग से गार लिचीनी Breta pistol milli hai hai. At the same time, गफूर नागर में अस्थान साहती हमिद आलि खान मसुद उस्मान के तिकाने पर भी जापे मेरे. According to the ACB, 12 lakh rupees of cash have been recovered.

Earlier today, the ACB had summoned Amanatullah Khan for questioning in connection with a case related to financial manipulation and other irregularities in the functioning of the Delhi Waqf Board.

According to an official statement, Amanatullah Khan, acting as the president of the Delhi Waqf Board, had illegally recruited 32 people for violating all norms and government guidelines and on charges of corruption and bias. ACB देल्जी वक्फ बोर्द में बर्टेट में अग्रीय अर्गुदाराटों की खूबर कर रही है. Khan is the President of Delhi Waqf Board.

Earlier, the ACB had written a letter to the Secretary of the Deputy Governor requesting the removal of Amanatullah Khan from the post of President of the Delhi Waqf Board. ACB has claimed in a letter that Amanatullah Khan tried to influence the investigation by threatening the witnesses in the case against him.

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