Uttar Pradesh FIR registered against 35 people including BJP member police team was attacked

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  • குர்கு ஭ா஡ை முக்கு க்குக்கு க்குட்டு கை நியை பாரை பாட்டை கியை
  • Пулисвалон не ек катре ке अंदर गुसकर bachai apni jan
  • 15 named and 20 unknown cases have been registered by the police, including BJP members

Uttar Pradesh: Police have filed an FIR against a total of 35 people, including one member of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Bhadohi, UP. In the case of taking a person out of custody by attacking the police team in the new market area of ​​Kotawali area in the city, the police have registered a case against these people. Inspector-in-charge Gagan Raj Singh said that in this case, 35 people including 15 named and 20 unknown including BJP member Dina Sonkar of Nai Bazar Nagar Panchayat Ward No. The attack was recorded in several streams on Saturday night.

Farrar अध्युदियोन की हो रही तालाश

Inspector Gagan Raj Singh said that the police tried to arrest the absconding accused. Giving details of the incident, he told them that the case is in the city of Kotawali. Chowki incharge Manoj Kumar Rai was checking vehicles with his companions on Saturday, when a person named Deepak Sonkar was there to make a video from mobile. चूकी चूकी के मानाकरेन पर आशे चुद को BJP नेता की दॉउनस पूरी अवर पुलीस से हाटपाई की, जिस पर उसे कुट्या में बिटाया गाया.

कतरे के उंदर गुसकर बचाई जान

According to the station manager, Deepak took his bicycle and informed Dina Sonkar, a member of Ward No. 1, over the phone. After which the member of the assembly lashed the crowd with batons to the entire police team. Rai ne told him that they have closed the shutter and saved their lives. உத்தை पर कोतवाल, पुलिस केश्तरधिकार(CO) भारी पुलिस बाल लेकर रैसे, टो कात्रे का श्टर खोला गाया.

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