Team India faced a slow over rate penalty because only 3 deep fielders were allowed for the final over

Team India won the semifinals of Commonwealth Games 2022 against England, but the team made a big mistake, which could affect the team. Even the team couldn’t match the team. However, the good news is that the team won the exciting match by 4 runs and the Indian team won a medal in the Commonwealth Games.

Actually, the Indian women’s cricket team was penalized due to slow over rate. The Indian team did not throw the 20th ball of the 20th ball. At the time, the Indian team was two overs behind and because of this, the Indian team was penalized in the semi-finals of the CWG 2022 against England. Because of this, the team only had three players on the boundary line.

In the last over, only 3 players were on the boundary line for only 13 runs. जब आपके पपसस सन बचबचनेनेने के तीनआपकेऔ आपके आपकेमौकोंमौकों ब बहोंप ब तोमौकोंप आपकेहों तोनतीजपंसलेबहेंगेहेंगे आपकेकिसी भीभीगेटगेटगेट किसी टकोगेट हैकोगेट हैक कक हैकगेट.

ये भी लेखेंः The Indian women’s cricket team made history for the first time in the CWG 2022 final

However, fortunately, the ball that flew up in the air was within 25 yards and the last ball hit a six, where perhaps something could have been done, but the fielder did not have a fielder at that place on the boundary line and could not keep it. தியுக்கு, குக்கு பெல்லை ஜால் ஜால் ராயை. Let’s say that the ICC implemented this rule last year, which continues in international cricket and the teams benefit from it.

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