Jio has launched a new streaming platform, ek hi jaga milga better content

Photo: IANS Jio has launched a new streaming platform


  • Live gameplay option
  • Full HD quality will be available
  • It will be available through the click of a button on Jio devices

Reliance Jio: Reliance Jio has launched a streaming platform (Games Watch Jio), which aims to provide an immersive and interactive game streaming experience through the click of a button on multiple Jio devices. The purpose of the platform is to enable creators to live with any device under low latency and to show their best content to millions of viewers.

Live gameplay option

In addition, many viewer engagement tools such as audience polls and emotes enable creators and influencers to stay ahead of the competition. Fans of streamers can watch Jio Games Watch live gameplay from video-on-demand (VOD) streams to the best content.

Some prominent features of Jio Games Watch include cross-platform availability, which is available on the home screen on Jio Set-Top-Box (STB) and also has a smartphone version. It is available in India as a feature only in the Jio Games app with availability on Android, iOS and STB.

Full HD quality will be available

Through this platform, creators can connect with viewers through various export programs, creators can stream without any interval or buffering. They can go live on the platform with many resolutions, so they can stream in Full HD, HD etc. with low latency.

Jio के एस उफ़र से भी लेना हैं OTT का माजा

A postpaid plan worth Rs. 399 is the cheapest plan on the list. This plan offers 75GB of data per month, unlimited calls and 100 SMS per day along with a Netflix subscription. In addition to Netflix, you also get Amazon Prime and Disney+ Hotstar.

If you need a little extra internet, this plan will be best for you. Its price is only 599 rupees. This plan includes 100GB data, unlimited voice calls and 100 SMS per day. The plan also includes free access to Amazon Prime, Netflix and Disney+ Hotstar.

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