Afghanistan News: Bomb blast near mosque in Kabul, 8 killed, 18 injured

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Bomb Blast in Kabul


  • بام عبرد بوسترین کابول کی شیا بہول سر-ا کاریز کشتر من hua
  • বাম ব্র্বা কিক্তা কিক্ত্য কিক্য নেন নে নিন লি হে স্র্যান
  • بام धमाकों से लोगों की सुक्रुक्त पर उथ्तने लागे सावेल

Afghanistan News: باد کی باد کی باد کی هی بوم بلست کی کے کے ہے ہے The latest case is a bomb explosion in the capital of Afghanistan, Kabul. According to the information, at least eight people died and 18 others were injured in a car bomb explosion near a mosque in the capital Kabul on Friday. A Taliban official gave this information.

गायलों की मुट से मुद्धायों की संज्ञार अर्ण

According to Khalid Zadran, the Taliban’s spokesman for the police chief of Kabul, the blast happened in Western Kabul’s Shia-dominated Sar-e Karez region. In the early reports, the death of two people was reported, but the number of dead people increased. इस बम ब्राबुट की तकतल की ने संस्करना नहीं ही है

بام धमाकों से लोगों की सुक्रुक्त पर उथ्तने लागे सावेल

अग्वान्ग में वाग्वान्य लोगों पर बम दमाकोन से सुबाइल लोगों की सुक्रष्ट पर सावले उच्चने लागे है। On July 30, a bomb exploded during a cricket match in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. کابول یکیرکتی ستادیم من کابول یکی ت20 کریکت لیگ کا ایک موبائل کہلہ کہے کہے کہے کہے ہے ہے ہے ہے आस दमाके में ज़ी लोग की मुट हो गाइटी अवर कुच लोग गायाली भी हो गेयी. During the live match, there was a blast in the stadium. The players of both teams were taken to the bunker. हैरानी की बात यह है की जाब यह अमला हुआ तब सुच्चारी के अधिकारी भी शाइटिया में टेडियो में टेडियम थे.

On 12 June, there was a bomb explosion in Kunar

Before that, on June 12, there was an explosion in the corner of Afghanistan. In this, a Taliban member died. Six other people were injured in this explosion, including civilians. It exploded in the city of Kunar, the center of Asadabad city, when a landmine planted in a vehicle of the Taliban’s security forces exploded. Landmine ko Islamic Emirates ke vahan mein raha gaya tha. Eyewitnesses reported that many civilians were harmed.

Before that, there was an explosion in the district of Spin Boldak

Before that, there was an explosion in Afghanistan’s Spinboldak district, killing five Taliban fighters and one civilian. The local media reported that an IED exploded on the side of the road in Kandahar’s Spin Boldak district, killing five members of the Taliban and one civilian. At the same time, one other member of this group was injured. This explosion took place on Thursday 09 June in the morning at around half past eight.

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