Letters to the Editor – August 6, 2022

Floods and Kerala

Kerala has been bearing the brunt of climate change in the form of frequent and heavy rains and floods (Page 1, August 5). It is very likely that heavy rains and flooding may well become a regular or annual feature in the future, requiring the focused attention of the State government. As such, it would be better to create a separate Ministry of Disaster Management so that proper planning and implementation of mitigation measures, in coordination with other relevant ministries in the government, can be taken up in time.

Kosaraju Chandramouli,


CJI tenure

I find the appointment of the Chief Justice of India to be a bit of a strange process (Inside pages, “CJI proposes Justice UU Lalit as successor”, August 5). Any head of an institution must serve in that role for a considerable period of time to drive certain initiatives on a consistent basis. The legal system in our country requires a huge overhaul especially in terms of the legal delivery system. That Justice Lalit, if appointed, will have a tenure of hardly three months is bewildering. What can he do in such a short period of time? The blind process of going by seniority may need to be reviewed.



This is epic

The report (Inside pages, August 5), “Topping Ramayana quiz, the Wafy way”, on how two Muslim students in Kerala won an online Ramayana quiz competition, is awe-inspiring. In a world that has much communal hatred and fanaticism practiced overtly and covertly, may their tribe increase. It is not the greatness of any religion, but the respect and concern for other cultures that counts. The details about the academic program of the college they study in are simply exemplary.

P. Mangalachandran,

West Ponniam, Kannur, Kerala

One is overwhelmed by the candid comments of the two Muslim students. One is reminded of the former Chief Justice of the Madras High Court, Justice MM Ismail, who was an authority on the Turtle Ramayanam. His lectures on the various cantos threw abundant light on the characterization in the epic. Let Hindu-Muslim unity grow and flourish in our country.

Mani Natarajan,


Ban on practice

It was a surprise to read the report, “‘Ban practice of beating cure‘” (Tamil Nadu, August 4). The Heal method is very useful to make quick announcements in order to alert people living in village lanes about emergencies as it may be difficult to extend the public address system in those areas. Moreover, it is a form of a gainful occupation, which I feel should not be banned per se. If it is believed that the practice is linked to the caste system, there is no harm in officials trying to see if monitored changes can make it open to all.

N. Rama Rao,


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