Russia to launch Khayyam satellite of Iran into earth orbit next week

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Russia Will Launch Iran’s Satellite


  • In the space of space, Iran will be supported by Russia
  • Next week Iran’s satellite will be launched
  • Iran’s satellite orbits in Russia

Iran Satellite: Two weeks after Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to Tehran, both countries announced that Russia will launch a satellite of Iran on Tuesday. Iran’s Remote Sensing Satellite will be sent to earth in orbit. The satellite will be launched from the Soyuz satellite carrier next week at the Baikonur space station in Kazakhstan, the Iranian space agency announced on Wednesday. அக்கி க்கிய் க்குக்கு, सैटेलीट का नाम पर पर फार्सी पोलीमिथ उमर खय्याम के नाम रहका गाया है.

It is launched to “watch over the country’s borders”, improve agricultural production and monitor water supply and natural disasters. According to the Russian government space agency Roscosmos, this launch will take place on Tuesday. The agency announced that a Soyuz 2.1B rocket will be launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome on August 9, 2022, “which will install a real remote sensing instrument into orbit (in the orbit of the Earth) at the request of the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

رایسی اور خامینی سی میلی ته پوتین

This launch was announced on July 19, when Putin met with President Ibrahim Raisi and Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. In his discussion with Putin, Khamenei urged Russia to strengthen its “long-term cooperation”. According to Iran’s official news agency IRNA, this satellite can take pictures of various types. Russia’s Spaceport Cosmodrome Plesetsk (Kosmodrom Plesetsk) has taken responsibility for launching Iran’s Sina-1 satellite. which was designed to search and observe on earth.

पुहे दावोन का किया था धांदन

Putin denied claims by American media in June 2021 that Russia will give Iran a satellite system. जो उस्की जूसोसी करेन की को भुदेगेगी Iran says that its space program does not violate any other international agreement or the 2015 nuclear agreement between Iran and world powers, because it is mainly used for defense and civilian purposes.

Iran is worried about Western countries

Western countries are concerned that satellite launch systems have such components that can be used interchangeably in ballistic missiles. ये अतोमी बैबेब अग्या हैन है। However, Iran has been unable to develop these efforts. In April 2020, Iran successfully launched its first military satellite into space, which was strongly criticized by the United States. Iran’s Revolutionary Guards announced in March that the Nour-2 military “tohi satellite” was successfully launched into orbit.

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