Ravindra Jadeja deleted his tweet related to his future in CSK fans says it is over

The 15th season of Indian Premier League for Chennai Super Kings was bad. The team is in the ninth place among 10 teams. In the tournament, CSK managed to win only 4 matches in 14 matches. Before the start of the season, Chennai Super Kings took a big decision and appointed all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja as the captain of the team. However, in the middle of the tournament, Jadeja decided to step down from the captain’s post and then Dhoni took over the team. The performance of Chennai Super Kings led by Jadeja was disappointing and Khud Jadeja also did not do well. कपकपतततनीनीनीततततत जडेजजडेजेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंचेंच कईलेकहें उनकेलेकेंचकईहहहहह की.

After the end of IPL 2022 and after Jadeja’s return to international cricket, it seemed that this issue was over, but after Ravindra Jadeja deleted posts related to Chennai Super Kings on his social media, once again in the franchise आष्ण विश्विस पर सावल उथ्तने लागे हैन. The 33-year-old all-rounder had deleted most of the posts related to CSK’s 2021 and 2022 season from his Instagram account a few months ago and now last week Jadeja has deleted a tweet, after which fans are thinking that Jadeja is indeed leaving Chennai Super Kings. का मन बना चुके हैन.

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This tweet is from 4 February 2022. Jadeja commented on the post shared by the franchise. The franchise shared the post and wrote, ”सुपर जडडू के 10 साल, अजी जुब में जाडेजा ने लिखा, ”आजे 10 अउर भी हैन. However, this tweet was deleted on Wednesday.

Ravindra Jadeja played his last match for CSK on 4 May 2022 and returned to the cricket field two months later on his England tour. Jadeja is in a good mood.

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