released-nominees-list-for-player-of-the-month-july-renuka-singh-of-india-is-in-list Singh’s name included

জুলা মাস্তে ক্র্যান ক্র্যান কেনি কেন্নি কিন্যান কেলি ক্রি ক্র্ত World Test Championship, Commonwealth Games and ICC Qualification Events are included in this list. Jonny Bairstow has been named ICC Player of the Month in June. Prabhat Jayasuriya of Sri Lanka is also included in the list. Among Indian players, Renuka Singh is the only nominee in this bar. The names of 6 players are included in 2 separate lists for men and women.

Men’s Player of the Month list
England batsman Jonny Bairstow is the player of the month in June. His name is in the list for the second time for Player of the Month. A brilliant innings of 90 runs in 53 balls against South Africa, an innings of 114 runs in the Test against India in Edgbaston, and Jonny Bairstow’s name is on the list once again because of his form in July.
Prabhat Jayasuriya of Sri Lanka started his Test career in July. Prabhat is in his best form at the beginning of his test career. Jayasuriya took 29 wickets in three matches and won many Test matches in Sri Lanka.
France’s 18-year-old player Gustav McKeon has been nominated for the Player of the Month list in Finland.

Women’s Player of the Month list
England’s female players are included in the list. England won the ODI series 3-0 against South Africa. अंग्लिंग की नाट सीवर अनुदेश भाई में अग्या में अवर अवेले चार मेशेश में अट्री बार नाज़ी होने वाली कहाली बान गी है. Both bowling and batting have contributed to England’s 3-0 win over South Africa.

Renuka Singh is the only Indian in the list
Renuka Singh, a member of the Indian women’s team, is the only Indian to make it to the Player of the Month list for her sharp bowling against Sri Lanka and her outstanding performance in the Commonwealth Games. He took 4 wickets for 18 runs in 4 overs against Australia in the Commonwealth Games.

Aise hoti hai player of the month ke nominees ko voting
Shortlist kiye gyae khiladiyon ko ICC ki voting akadamiyon mein aur duniya ke tamam fans vot karten hain. है में के बाद महीला एर पुर्ष के टेटेगरी में 3 -3 क्लाइडियोन को की जाटा की जाता है The voting academy includes many players, senior journalists and broadcasters including members of the ICC Hall of Fame. Voting Academy’s share of votes is 90 percent. Fans who have registered on the ICC website can vote for any of the nominees. इंके वोटोन का शेरे केवल 10 पेस्टी है है.

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