CWG 2022 Weightlifter Vikas Thakur Won Silver Medal in 96 KG Category Eight Medal in Weightlifting 12th Medal Overall 8th place in weightlifting

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विकास थाकुर


  • विकास थाकुर ने अधिका कुल 346 का वाजन
  • India won the 8th medal in weightlifting
  • विकास थाकुर ने जिल्वर मेडल की अपने नाम

CWG 2022: भारत के विकास थाकूर ने ज़र मेडल अपने कर लिया है. He lifted a total of 346 kg (191 clean and jerk and 155 muscle) and won a medal. For India, this is the 12th overall and the 8th medal in weightlifting. भारत के लिये आशा विश्वी में मेराबी चानु, जरेमी लालरिनुग अवर अचिन्ट शिवली ने एडल मेडल अपने किया है.

India’s heavyweight weightlifter Vikas Thakur has bagged a silver medal at the Commonwealth Games. The experienced Thakur lifted a total of 346 kilos (155 kilos and 191 kilos) and won the second place in the Games. Thakur का राष्ट्रमान्डल केल्यों में यह दुस्या राजत पडाक है है. He was second in the Glasgow Games in 2014, while he won a bronze medal in Gold Coast in 2018.

Don Opeloge of Samoa lifted a total of 381 kg (171 kg and 210 kg) and won the gold medal with a record-breaking performance and improved on his 2018 performance where he won the silver medal. Teniella Tuisuwa Renibogi of Fiji lifted a total of 343 kg (155 kg and 188 kg) and won the bronze medal. Thakur, a five-time Commonwealth Championship medalist, lifted 149 kg, 153 kg and 155 kg in three attempts, and he was in joint third place after the end of this class.

In clean and jark, Thakur started by lifting 187 kilos. In the second attempt, they struggled to lift 191 kg weight. After securing a silver medal, Thakur tried to lift 198 kilograms of weight in his final attempt, which was one kilogram more than his personal best performance. वह होग यह विजन लिखें में विफ्ले रहे रहे.

विकास थाकुर के सुभा प्रभाष्ट की देटेल


First attempt- 149 kilos

second attempt- 153 kilos

3rd attempt- 155 kilos

Clean and jerk

First attempt- 187 kilos

second attempt- 191 kilos

3rd attempt- 198 kilos

भारत के लिये किसे-किसे जीते मेडल?


  1. Meerabai Chanu- Gold
  2. Jeremy Lalrinunga- Gold
  3. अचिन्त शिवली- Gold
  4. صنعت سرگر- سیلور
  5. बिंड्यारानी देवी- Silver
  6. हार्जिंदर कूर- ब्रोंज
  7. Gururaj Pujari – Bronze
  8. विकास थाकुर- सिल्वर

table tennis

  1. Men’s Team – Gold Medal


  1. Sushila Devi- Silver
  2. Vijay Kumar Yadav- Bronze

lawn ball

  1. Indian Women’s Team – Gold

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