Asia Cup 2022 full Schedule Announced by Asian Cricket Council

Asia Cup 2022 के पुरे स्चेधाव का अयलान विश्या हो गाया है. The Asian Cricket Council (ACC) chairman Jay Shah announced the start of the Asia Cup schedule at the end of this month. Jai Shah announced the schedule of the Asia Cup 2022 on Tuesday, August 2nd in T20 format. The Indian team’s first match is against Pakistan on Sunday 28 August.

Asian Cricket Council Chairman and BCCI Secretary Jay Shah tweeted, “The wait is finally over, because the battle for Asian supremacy begins on August 27 and the final will be played on September 11. Asia Cup 15th The version of the ICC T20 World Cup will work for the first time. There are 6 teams participating in this tournament.

India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan will participate in the 2022 Asia Cup through qualifiers. This season of the Asia Cup is hosted by the Sri Lanka Cricket Board, but the tournament will be played in the UAE. ACC has chosen Dubai and Sharjah for this tournament, where a total of 13 matches will be played in 16 days including the final.

भटीमतीयतीय टीम टीम के के मैचों कीकीेंें ककेंें पहलेपहलेेंकिसकिसकिसकिसकिसतनतनननतततततततदूसनननभिड़ेगीभिड़ेगीभिड़ेगीसेसेसेसेसेसेसेसेसेसेकोकोववववववदूसनननदूसनभिड़ेगी This match will be played in Dubai on 31 August. In the group phase, only two matches are played in India. Pakistan and one other team are in India’s group, while Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are in the second group.

Asia cup 2022 full schedule

First match – 27 August – Sri Lanka vs Afghanistan – Dubai
Second match – 28 August – India vs. Pakistan – Dubai
ব্র্তা মাচা – 30 অজাস – Bangladesh vs. Afghanistan – شارجاه
4th match – 31 August – भारत vs. Qualifier – Dubai
Fifth match – 1 September – Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh – Dubai
சாத்தா மாச்சு – 2 सेप्तन – पैकास्टिन व्यास्ट कुलीफीर – शारजाह
सातवान माच – 3 सेप्तन – ब1 व्या ब2 – शारजाह
Eighth match – 4 September – A1 vs A2 – Dubai
9th match – 6 September – A1 vs B1 – Dubai
দ্ষ঵ান মাচ – 7 September – A2 vs B2 – Dubai
11th match – 8 September – A1 vs B2 – Dubai
12th match – 9 September – B1 vs A2 – Dubai
final match – 11 September – 1st super 4 vs 2nd super 4 team – Dubai

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