Amerika: diesel emissions investigation, the vehicle company found guilty of cheating will pay 300 million dollars in compensation


American diesel emissions investigation in vehicle company dosti
अमेरिके अमेरिके अर्मुक्षा त्युष्टारों को जोज़ देने की कैसारी रूची
will pay 300 million dollars

Washington. one The vehicle company’s American business in June was convicted for criminal conspiracy and sentenced to prison. The manufacturer was accused of deliberately cheating diesel-powered vehicles in emissions trials. The company will pay approximately $300 million to settle the US Department of Justice’s diesel-emissions fraud investigation.

FCA US LLC (FCA US LLC) previously entered into a plea agreement with the Department of Justice and agreed to pay a fine of $96.1 million and pay a fine of $203.6 million. FCA US is an automobile company. The Justice Department said that the FCA conspired to cheat the US emissions tests. Assistant Attorney General Todd Kim said that the $300 million criminal fine is the result of three years of extensive investigation. This proposal shows that the department of justice is committed to the responsibility of corporate wrongdoers for misleading regulators.

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As part of the class-action diesel lawsuit, FCA US paid $311 million in civil penalties and $183 million in damages to more than 63,000 people.

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