Letters to the Editor – August 2, 2022

State of Parliament

The topicality of the Editorial, “An alarming fall” (August 1), needs no reiteration. Ours is a parliamentary democracy. And the core values ​​of a parliamentary democracy include transparency, social and political inclusiveness, and accessibility to the procedures. But these canons are observed these days more in their breach than in their adherence, both by the Opposition parties and the ruling regime. Dissent and debates are said to be the hallmarks of democracy. Sadly, what we observe in our august Houses are deplorable disruptions and acrimonious demonstrations that are countered by ruthless repressiveness. This has debilitating effects on a robust parliamentary culture. And the unfortunate consequences lie in the presumptuous passage of Bills sans any fruitful discussion.

N. Sadasivan Pillai,

Kollam, Kerala

There is, without doubt, a steep fall in the standards of debates, discussions, agreements and disagreements. A place that is sacred, a place where decisions are to be taken for the people of India, has now become a ground to settle personal scores. It has been a very long time since there has been meaningful debate. Critical issues are brushed aside while trivial issues come up by the day. The Opposition parties are also to blame — they demonstrate actions and behavior that are irresponsible. Protests and walkouts are no solutions to serious issues. The art of listening seems to be totally absent. The best political brains and the voices of seasoned and experienced political leaders are mute. Why is there no effort to prioritize issues and an effort made to find possible solutions? That the ruling party, with all the majority on its side, is not able to handle a weak opposition is surprising.

The nation and its people are the sufferers.

Balasubramaniam Pavani,


Debate, discussion and sound decisions are the hallmark and an important component of our parliamentary democracy. It is true that parliamentary standards have fallen.

CAC Murugappan,

Kothamangalam, Tamil Nadu

TMC and ‘scam’

It was only after increasing pressure that West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee acted against a ‘tainted’ minister, who is now under the scanner of the Enforcement Directorate in the school recruitment scam. One wonders how a Chief Minister with all the resources at her command, remained oblivious to her most trusted colleague’s maleficence. She has a lot to explain to her people.

SK Choudhury,


Hidden talent

The long-neglected Northeast is proving to be the powerhouse of Indian sports as seen in the medal flow at international meets. The latest to join the brigade is Jeremy Lalrinnunga. Since he is not yet out of his teens, there is every possibility of him becoming a medal giant.

Anthony Henriques,


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