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A mid-cap multibagger company associated with the chemical industry is profitable. This company is GHCL (GHCL). The company posted a profit of Rs 339 crore in the quarter of June 2022. While the company made a profit of 85 crore rupees in the same period a year ago. GHCL’s shares have made tremendous returns this year. The company’s shares have given more than 67 percent return to the public so far in 2022. शेरे बाजार के शेप्र्ट्स ग्चल के शेरोन पर बुलिश हैन. The company’s shares have reached between 81 rupees and 600 rupees in the last 28 months.

The brokerage house gave a target of 848 rupees
अप्रुल-जून 2022 के नितिजों के बाद बर्म अरिहान्त कापितल, GHCL (GHCL) is bullish on shares. The brokerage house has given the company’s stock a buy rating and a target price of Rs 898. This will be an all-time high for GHCL’s shares. Brokerage House का केहना है की गुबलाई अवर डोमेस्टेस आप की सुप्लिय-डिमांद में अस्टुनुलन में को मिल रहा है है. Besides, the domestic supply is limited due to the Russian-Ukraine crisis and the price growth is supported. GHCL is expanding its capacity through brownfield and greenfield projects, which will accelerate volume growth.

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1 lakh rupees became more than 7 lakh rupees
The shares of GHCL Limited (GHCL Limited) have given excellent returns in the last 28 months. The company’s shares were at the level of Rs 81 on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) on 27 March 2020. GHCL shares closed at Rs 633 on 1 August 2022 on NSE. If someone invested 1 lakh rupees in the company’s shares on 27 March 2020 and maintained their investment, then at the current time this money would be 7.81 lakh rupees.

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