CWG 2022 Indian Men Hockey team Plays Draw With England After Taking 3-0 lead Misses Victory

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IND vs ENG Men’s Hockey, CWG 2022


  • বার্ত আর্র্গ্ল ক্ত্র্তা প্র্র্য়্য়া কাক্ক্যা ক্র্যান্য 4-4 স্র্র
  • अंग्लिग ने है कर्टर में टिन गोल करेज भारत के हाउन से चीनी जीत
  • India defeated Ghana 11-0 to win the game

CWG 2022: The Indian men’s hockey team is satisfied with the draw against England in their second match of Pool B. It was India’s second consecutive win at the Birmingham Commonwealth Games, but India gave three goals to England in the last quarter. India won the match against England. Before this, in the last match, India beat Ghana 11-0 and started winning.

India led 3-0 at half time in this match. After that, England scored a goal at the end of the third quarter. फिर अंग्लिंग ने वार्टे कार्टर में दम्दार वापसी की अवर को भारत को हैटन से चीना अवर्ट कर्वा डिया. India’s two players Gurjant Singh and Varun Kumar were shown yellow cards and at one time the Indian team was playing with only 9 players. That’s why अंग्लिग्र का आताइक भारत पर हावी हो गाया.

Here’s all the updates of the match

  • India scored a penalty corner goal in the second minute of this match against England. Lalit Upadhyay scored the first goal and gave India a 1-0 lead in the beginning.
  • After that, India scored a second goal against England in the first quarter. भारत के लिये यह गोल मेंडिप सिंग ने की आवर अंग्लिग पर टीम को 2-0 की बंद्धात देलाई.
  • The Indian team scored the first goal in the second minute and scored the second goal in the 13th minute. With this, India took a 2-0 lead over England in the first quarter.
  • In the 22nd minute, Mandeep Singh’s shot went off the stick of England’s player and India took a 3-0 lead in the second quarter. इह गोल मेंडीप के खाटे में जोडा अवर यह अंधा का दूसरी गोल टा था.
  • In the third quarter, there were about three and a half minutes left, then England opened its account in this match and made the score 3-1. However, Indian captain Manpreet Singh took a review.
  • The Indian men’s hockey team maintained their lead until the end of the third quarter. Although England scored a goal in this quarter, India led 3-1.
  • After scoring a goal in the third quarter, India made a strong comeback at the beginning of the fourth quarter and Harmanpreet Singh converted a penalty corner to make India’s lead 4-1.
  • Immediately after India’s fourth goal, England also scored their second goal in the fourth quarter and made the score 4-2.
  • In the fourth quarter, England scored the second and third goal of the match. India is now 4-3 ahead. अभी माच्च कहाम होने में करिब साधे का कहा कहल बाकी है.
  • In the fourth quarter, England scored a third goal to tie the score at 4-4.
  • The match was won by the hands of the Indian hockey team and England scored 3 goals in the last quarter to draw the match 4-4.

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