Before RBI Policy, two banks made loans expensive, Home-Car loan ki EMI more expensive RBI policy waited but Two banks make loans expensive home-car loan EMI will Up

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RBI Policy से पहले ही आज डो बांके ने कर्ज गाउना कर्ज डिया है The private sector ICICI Bank and the public sector Indian Bank increased interest rates on loans on Monday. বান্ত্র্য ব্র্যা বার্র বার্ট্র স্র্যান ক্র্তে ক্র্য ক্র্য ক্র্য ক্র্ত The biggest effect on home and car loans will be on customers. The Reserve Bank of India is likely to increase its policy rate this week, with both banks likely to increase this increase on all-term loans. ICICI Bank is the second largest private sector bank. বান্ক কেস কেস্দা স্র্জ ক্র্জ কিক্য কেসি কিস্ট (EMI) বাদ্গাগি. According to the information available on the bank’s website, MCLR for a period of 1 year has been increased by 0.15 percent to 7.90 percent. At the same time, the interest rate for one day of the period is 7.65 percent.

বাজা দ্র্রান মান্ত্র কাম্বান

A year’s MCLR is considered important for retail loans because housing loans such as long-term bank loans are associated with this. The bank raised interest rates before the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) meeting of the Reserve Bank this week. This is the possibility that the MPC will increase the rate of repo in order to curb inflation. Besides this, the Indian Bank also increased the MCLR for one year by 0.10 percent to 7.65 percent. According to the public sector bank, the MCLR for the period of one day to six months has been revised from 6.85 to 7.50 percent. नैयी दरेन, टिन अगस्त से अधिक्षा हो जैजेंगी.

HDFC also gave a shock

Housing Development Finance Corp Limited has increased its benchmark lending rate by 25 basis points from 1 August. The company disclosed this information in an exchange filing. The lender’s rate hike came before the Reserve Bank of India’s monetary policy meeting, which is scheduled to take place between August 3 and August 5. The exchange filing said, “HDFC has raised its retail prime lending rate (RPLR) on housing loans, benchmarked to its adjustable rate home loan (ARHL) by 25 basis points.” The revised rates for new borrowers will be between 7.80 percent and 8.30 percent against the current range of 7.55 percent to 8.05 percent. For existing customers, rates will increase by 25 bps.

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