Twitter News Now you will see blue bird like this the company is going to make these big changes

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  • अब अपाई आसी दिखेगे टिव्टीर
  • Company नीली चिडिया में करेन जा रही है ये बादे निवावाज
  • The feature was leaked before launch

Twitter News: Twitter is ready to make further advances. Soon she will make such big changes in her social media platform that Twitter will appear to compete with Facebook and Instagram. Twitter works with videos, photos and GIFs on social apps. अगर यहा सुफल रहा तो ट्विट्रार एसेंटर इन तिनों जिजेज का उच्या का साथ करे अक्षा करे अक्षण You will also be able to tag people in photos and videos. However, at the moment these features will only be available to select users. স্বে স্সেস্র্যাসে ইস্স্যান কেস্যাক ক্র্যা ক্র্যার নিয্র ন্যার কায়্ত

What did Twitter say?

Twitter gave a statement on this whole matter, saying, “We are testing a new feature on some selected accounts. Our new feature will help bring four media assets together. With this, we have all assets in a single tweet.” জুদান নাত্তে है। If this test is successful, then Twitter will be more advanced like Instagram and Facebook.

Company Visual Conversation पर जोर दे रही है

తిట్ర్ర్ క్ర్ట్ క్ర్ క్ర్ క్ర్ క్ర్ట్ క్ర్టిక్ట్. This is why he works on photos, videos and GIFs. ये टिनो ज़ेष्ट पर को वर्वस्ट को अवर बाना बाना देंगी. Abhi tak Twitter, you could write only 280 words, but if it allows you to use photos, videos and GIFs, you will be able to explain your talk better. आश्य दिव्टर कहा चुका है की वह नी स्टेटस पर भी कर रहा है है है है है, है है है अच्चार अच्चा अच्ची अच्चार के भी सुदेश के साथ के साथ के साथ के साथ के साथ के साथ के साथ

The feature was leaked before launch

अभि तक अधिकारित तूर पर टिवर्टर ने ये नहीन फाइन्य है की अहार यह फेक्टर काइस दिशेगे. But on social media, some people have shared a tweet and told us how Twitter will look after the changes. A user has also attached a photo, video and GIF to his post.

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