Iran arrested a Swedish citizen on espionage charges, and was in contact with many celebrities. Iran arrested another Swedish citizen on charges of espionage, was in contact with many celebrities

iran arrests one more swedish


  • ایران من جاسوسوی ک علیب من سویدیش ناگیرک عرض المزيد
  • इरान का अलबुद्- सवीडन, ישראלי קי ליע זאפוסישי קאר רהה הי

Spy News: Iran has arrested a citizen of Sweden in suspicion of espionage. The country’s intelligence ministry said that agents have arrested a Swedish citizen on suspicion of espionage. Iran k eis kadam ke baad kuch logak ke mn mein yah savel bhi uht raha hai ki kahin vah sweden mein apne nagarik Hamid Nouri ki arrest ka badla toh nahin le raha. The Ministry of Intelligence in its statement said that the arrested suspect was in contact with many celebrities in Iran and that he had traveled to Israel, the enemy of Iran. بياان من علفة جاجا هاي هي كي سودان, يسرائل كي ليع جاسوسوي كر رها هي.

First, a Swedish citizen was arrested

वेद्डन की उर से इरान के अग्यान पर अभि तक को को राजी नहीं आई है. This is the second case of arresting a Swedish citizen by Iran in recent months. Earlier, Sweden reported in May that one of its citizens was arrested during the tense relations between Stockholm and Tehran. Iran called its ambassador to Sweden at the beginning of July. This step was taken by Iranian citizen Hamid Nouri after he was convicted of a war crime during the Iran-Iraq war in 1980.

Stockholm ghoomne gaye noussi ko sweden ne kiya tha arest

61-year-old Nouri was arrested in November 2019 when he went to Stockholm for a walk. Let’s say that Iran has detained several European citizens in the last few months. These include a tourist from Sweden, 2 citizens of France, a scientist from Poland and others. By detaining foreign citizens, there is concern that Iran may use it to pressure the United States and European countries to regain the relief it received from sanctions under the 2015 nuclear deal.

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